This is my book about how to build a violin from scratch

One of my favorite hobby is violinmaking and I decided to translate into English the book I've wrote and bublish it on my site.

I'll do publush about 50% of each chapter for free and I can send the rest of each chapter for $1 by email. If after reading of my book you'll have questions I can also publish the reply as addition to the chapter.

The content of my book is below

Build a violin

  1. Art of Craft?
  2. How I became a violinmaker.
  3. Tools and equipment.
  4. Models and patterns.
  5. How to draw a violin model
  6. Wood for violinmaking
  7. How to make logs and records.
  8. Violin body vibrations.
  9. Energy dissipation.
  10. Frequencies.
  11. Resonaces and demphening.
  12. Belly of plates.
  13. Plates turning principles.
  14. Plates mechanics.
  15. Wood thickness distribution.
  16. Ribs and plates attachment.
  17. Upper plate in details.
  18. FF-holes.
  19. Bass bar.
  20. Ribs.
  21. Body assembly.
  22. Purfling.
  23. Neck and curl.
  24. Gluing neck into the body.
  25. Varnishing.
  26. Pegs, bridge, button and soundpost.
  27. Strings.
  28. Sound adjustment.
  29. Instrument care.